Adjustable Size Convertible Table Covers

Adjustable Size Convertible Table Covers

If you're concerned about your table cover fitting on different table sizes, we've got you covered! All of our rectangular fitted and drape style tablecloths are adjustable so they can easily be converted to fit on different table widths with just some minor tucking under of fabric at the left and right edges of the table. You don't need to order a different tablecloth and there's no need for messy-looking velcro straps like inferior (and ugly) "convertible" table throws use.

Almost all standard 6 foot and 8 foot folding rectangular display tables are 30" deep (front to back) and 29" high (table top to floor). Small 4 foot wide tables are usually 24" deep. These are the standard sizes we usually make our covers to fit and they work well most of the time. However, you may sometimes get an unexpected table size at an event or trade show. The most common situation you'll come across is that the width of the table is not what you expected.

All of our fitted and drape style model table covers are adjustable, so as long as you buy a table cloth that fits the largest table size you'll need to cover and the printed area is not too large, you can easily make it fit on smaller tables.

Here's how it works.

Order a table cover that fits the largest size table you want to cover (10' wide table cover shown) and make sure that on the front (and top and back depending on model) your important content (logos/text) is printed within the space of the smallest table you plan to use (in this case a 6' wide table) - in the photo below the areas that will be hidden on the smaller 6 foot table are shown with yellow lines


1) Put the large table cover on the smaller table as usual and center it (left to right) so that an equal amount of the excess fabric is laying on the floor on each side of the table


2) Starting with the right side, lift the fabric at the front and back corners of the table top and gently pull the corners equally toward the center of the table until the excess fabric is off the floor (usually the "proper" corners of the cover will align with the table corners at this time)


3) Fold the fabric back over on itself creating a pleat (double layer of fabric)


4) To make this pleat virtually invisible, adjust the position of the pleat so that it runs along the left edge of the table top right where the fabric is about to fall down the side of the table


5) Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the left side and you're done!