Portable Promotional Flags, Banners, Pennants & Poles

Portable Promotional Flags, Banners, Pennants & Poles

Portable Promotional Flags, Banners, Pennants & Poles

Our wide selection of portable advertising & promotional flags, portable flag poles and custom printed bunting pennants provide the added benefit of natural wind movement outdoors to catch viewers attention, making them very effective for event branding, trade shows and retail promotions - indoors or outdoors.

Just browse the following categories to shop all our portable advertising promotional flag products sorted into groups. Or see the "PRODUCTS" listed further below to quickly get to some of our most popular products:

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Custom Printed Fabric Bunting Pennants, 8" w x 12" h, 10 metre string of 24

Custom printed bunting pennants, 8" wide x 12" high, 10 metre string of 24:
triangular or rectangular shape, 24 pennants per length spaced 8" apart on 10 metre (32.8 foot) webbing, outdoor durable full colour dye sublimation printing on one side (shows 90% through the back side) with any colours or content you want.

Usually ready in 10 business days


Cdn $199.00

Promo Flag portable advertising flying banners are ideal for a wide variety of indoor or outdoor uses:

  • in trade shows and conference displays to raise your messaging high above the crowds
  • outdoor retail street promotions to draw traffic to retail sales or special events
  • outdoor events and festivals to capture attention and add life to your activities

We call them "Promo Flags" but this type of products go by many different names:

  • feather flags
  • teardrop flags
  • flag banner
  • blade flags
  • shark fin flags
  • advertising flags
  • promotional flags
  • adver flags