FRONT, BACK & SIDES custom printed 6 foot closed back "Stretch Fit" Spandex Table (or Counter) Cover

FRONT, BACK & SIDES custom printed 6 foot closed back "Stretch Fit" Spandex Table (or Counter) Cover

FRONT, BACK & SIDES custom printed "Stretch Fit" Spandex Table or Counter over for 6 foot rectangular display table. The top of these four sided table covers are plain black or white unprinted fabric.

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Weight 2.75 lbs
SKU TC4s723029fbs

Custom printed “Stretch Fit” spandex form-fitting closed back (4-sided) table cover for a standard 6 foot exhibit table (72” wide x 30” deep x 29” high or choose the optional 42" counter height), with the FRONT, BACK & SIDE panels custom dyed with any logos, content or colours you want (foreground and background colours can be printed). The top of the cover is your choice of plain black or white fabric with no custom printing.

As Canada's leading manufacturer of custom digitally printed table covers, our Stretch Fit spandex tablecovers are the most visually striking tablecloths available, turning an ordinary trade show table into a work of art! The form fitting stretchy fabric hugs the table right down to the feet and creates curves and shapes which add an artistic, modern look to your display.

  • high quality stretch fabric combined with our top notch production expertise for a truly spectacular appearance
  • permanently custom dye sublimation printed (not just printed or pressed on top)
  • any logos, content or colours you want over the entire front, back & sides (no limits to what area can be printed or extra cost for additional colours)
  • flame-retardant fabric with certificate (passes NFPA 701 Small Scale & California Reg#F-50001)
  • two superior stretch knit fabric choices available: regular 5.7 oz. (95% polyester/5% spandex), or recycled 5.9 oz. (88% Repreve® recycled polyester/12% spandex)
  • easy to keep looking good: machine washable, wrinkles stretch out in use but can be ironed if desired, and very durable - no problem if (when) you spill a coffee on it!
  • professionally finished with sewn hems and foot pockets for a tailored appearance
  • made to fit standard table legs (58" apart on width, 22" apart on depth) or for custom leg spacing at no extra charge
  • full fabric back or arch back “Conference Cut” available at no extra charge; optional zipper back also available

    - 5.7 oz. spandex stretch fabric (95% polyester/5% spandex), or
    - 5.9 oz. recycled fabric (88% recycled polyester/12% spandex).
    Note that the recycled fabric only comes in white (but it can be custom printed any colour you want). The plain white colour has just a hint of off-white due to the recycled content in this fabric.
    Both fabrics are wrinkle-resistant and inherently flame retardant (passes NFPA 701 Small Scale & California Reg#F-50001) fabric, digitally dyed with extended life dyes, with professionally sewn stretch hems all around

    - stretch form-fitted (s) with your choice of "Full" Back covered to the floor or "Conference Cut" arched open back or optional zipper back.

    - (fbs) FRONT, BACK & SIDE panels are the only areas custom dyed; the top is plain black or white with no custom content

    Table Size:
    - 6' Rectangular Table: table top dimensions 72" wide x 30" deep x 29" high; foot dimensions 58" width (left to right), and 22" foot depth (front to back).

    - 6' Rectangular Counter (24" deep): table top dimensions 72" wide x 24" deep x 42" high; foot dimensions 58" width (left to right), and 18" foot depth (front to back)

    - 6' Rectangular Counter (30" deep): table top dimensions 72" wide x 30" deep x 42" high; foot dimensions 58" width (left to right), and 22" foot depth (front to back)

    We can make custom size Stretch Fit contour table covers to fit virtually any size table. Please email us if you need pricing for a non-standard size.

    - table cover only: 2.75 lbs (1.25 kg)
    - shipping box dimensions/weight: 16" x 10" x 4" (35 x 22 x 9 cm) / 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)


    "Stretch Fit" form-fitting custom printed spandex table covers for trade shows & table top displays - by Canada's leading manufacturer of custom digitally printed table covers. Our spandex tablecloths are custom made to order so they're right for you! We'll make your table covers exactly how you want them - with no limits to colours, sizes or unusual shapes! Our innovative Stretch Fit spandex table covers are the most visually striking table covers available, turning an ordinary folding table into a work of art!

    The form fitting stretch fabric hugs the table right down to the feet and creates curves and shapes which add an artistic, modern look to your trade show table display. We're one of the only companies to produce these contour table covers in-house, and the image quality and professional finishing of our spandex table covers is unmatched. While some other tablecovers are so-so, ours are spectacular! Our unique combination of just the right polyester fabric (recycled fabric is also available), outstanding print quality and skilled professional sewing creates the most beautiful spandex tablecloths anywhere. Compare our table covers with competitors products to see how much better ours look. If copying is the sincerest form of flattery, then the fact that we've found competitors stealing our photos to represent their products shows just how good our custom spandex table covers look.

    The key to these form fitted printed contour tablecloths is the fabric. “StretchFit” table covers are permanently dyed into one of two available knit fabrics:
    • Regular 5.7 oz. stretch fabric (95% polyester/5% spandex) has a brighter white point, or
    • Recycled 5.9 oz. stretch fabric (88% Repreve® recycled polyester/12% spandex) with a slightly less bright white colour.

    The Repreve® yarn used in these Recycled “StretchFit” table covers meets FTC guidelines for recycled products and is suitable for "green" marketing projects. Also if you choose recycled fabric, the plain white colour has just a hint of off-white due to the recycled content in this unique fabric. Note that only white or custom dyed fabric are recycled polyester. If you choose stock black fabric for plain areas of the table cover, this portion is not recycled fabric. Regardless of whether you select recycled or regular spandex fabric for your “StretchFit” table covers, the fabric is inherently flame-retardant (we supply a certificate for you) so it meets exhibit hall fire code regulations (passes NFPA 701 Small Scale & California Reg#F-50001). Plus, it's completely washable and ironable so there's no worries if you spill a coffee on it!

    Our Stretch Fit contour spandex tablecloths are made specifically to fit on a certain size table. While they can accommodate minor variations in table size, it's best to know exactly what table you'll be using the cover on to be assured of just the right snug fit. We sew pockets into the bottom of the form fitted tablecover which you just slip under the feet of the table. This tension makes the fabric stretch into its distinctive form-fit shape. StretchFit contour table cloths are available in 4-sided models only (the fabric covers the front, 2 sides, and back as well as the top of the table) to maintain consistent tension all around the cover. They hide items stored under the table and are ideal for use on centrally-located tables which will be viewed from all directions. If you want to sit behind the table or want easier access at the back, you can select, at no additional cost, a "Conference Cut" back which provides an arched opening in the back. This opening allows room for knees and also provides clear access to items stored under the table. Or, we can sew an optional zipper into the back for under-table access (just be aware that sewing a fixed length zipper to spandex does create some minor puckering where they join).

    You can choose to have the entire form fitting cover custom dyed (all custom dye sublimation contour table cover) with your content for the most impact, or have just parts of the cover dyed (with the rest plain white or black) for a more economical solution. Either way, the distinctive eye-catching look of these Stretch Fit spandex table covers will make your display much more attention-getting. The stretchy spandex does produce some minor image distortion near the bottom edge, which is actually part of the beauty of these stylish table covers. However, critical image elements should be kept towards the centre of each panel of the tablecloth if that's a concern.

    With our digital dyeing process, any areas of the spandex tablecloth which have custom content or need to be a particular background colour are completely dyed (both foreground and background are dyed) into white fabric. Unlike older, inferior methods, it is not possible to digitally dye white or other colours onto previously dyed (coloured) fabric - any areas in which custom content is required (logo, text, photo, etc.), OR areas which require a particular background colour that's not plain white, must be custom dyed. We use the latest technology instead of old-school production methods, and as a result the number of printed colours does not affect the price - 1 colour content is the same price as 4 colour photographic content!

    What does affect the price is how much of the cover is custom dyed. Since we're starting with white spandex fabric and digitally dyeing the fabric for the imprinted spandex tablecloth before it's sewn, your content can completely fill the entire cover if you wish. There's no limit to what areas can be dyed or what colours can be used. The entire cover panel(s) - from top to bottom, left to right, is your canvas! This opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities, and makes our spandex table covers much better looking than cheap imitations!

    As with all our digitally printed fabric table graphics, the custom printed contour table cover is machine washable and ironable. The colours are permanently dyed into the fabric (not printed or pressed on the surface of the fabric like some inferior products) so it's very durable and will keep looking good for many years of use - and many coffee spills!

    You can also order an optional table cover carrying bag (#CCttbg2) to protect the spandex tablecloth during transport and storage.

    Graphic Setup (design, layout, and proofing) work is extra charge if required. For customer-supplied design final artwork no extra charges apply if it's professionally built into our design template (you'll be emailed this once your order is placed).

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